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Svetlana Zakharova and Alexander Volchkov 
Photo: Ian Gavan


Svetlana Zakharova and Alexander Volchkov 

Photo: Ian Gavan

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Whoever sent this in, THANK YOU.

This is just in response to your post about college. One of the biggest adjustments will be your routine. I don’t know how much of a routine you currently have but it will most likely be hard to maintain in college. Your meal times will fluctuate which will be hard on your body, your sleeping pattern will change, your daily activities will change - it will take a lot of getting use to. Also, your diet may change, which let me tell you, can be frustrating. It’s like relearning to carb count because you aren’t cooking it (if food is provided by the school) and you won’t be as in control of portion sizes as you are at home so brace yourself for some highs and lows and don’t get too frustrated. Another struggle I had was keeping up with all of my friends. It’s easy to get caught up in staying up all night, going out, drinking, letting loose, binge eating exc. but you have to remember to take care of yourself and that some nights you need to just do you, because we aren’t like everyone else as much as we may try to be. My best advice after finishing my first year of university is to have patience. It will feel like you’re losing your grasp on your diabetes but just remember it is an adjustment and that it will take time. Do not be afraid to ask for help or email your doctor 100 times, you need to take care of yourself. Also, make sure to be open with your friends or roommates about your diabetes, such as making sure they know the symptoms of low blood sugar (especially if your drinking - sometimes people just think you’re drunk), make sure someone understands your pump, and knows how to give you glucagon injection incase of an emergency, make sure if you have a single room that someone knows to check on you if they haven’t seen you in a few hours (incase of DKA or unconscious). I really hope this helps, and that maybe some other people will read it and take a bit of advice from all of this! 

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lowblood-c6h12o6 said: Hi I saw you were nervous about starting your pump tomorrow, honestly it makes life a whole lot easier. I wish you luck and I'm here if you need someone (:

Awe thank you so so much!! I really appreciate it! 😄💙

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I take the lid off my needle,
and look at the insulin inside.
stare at it.
Isn’t it funny, how this clear, sterile,
hospital smelling liquid is the key
to my survival? How it saves my life everyday and stops my body from
killing itself.
How fascinating.
How simple. How easy.

And then my mind takes me to
somewhere darker. How this
liquid has now turned into a
weapon. How a little too much
insulin could be the key to
ending it all.
How simple. How easy.

I look down at my needle
and see my greatest enemy.
And the most heartbreaking
I see,
both life and death.
This plastic, disposable needle
represents everything I hate about
myself, all the pain and anger.
It represents my battles and
my burdens.
If only I could dispose of them
as easy as I do my needles.
How simple. How easy.

— If you want honesty. (via myrealityofdiabetes)
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But I also have a sad post.. I start the pump in the morning. I don’t know why I am so nervous about it but I am.

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My blood sugar has been in the 80-135 range the last 4 days in a row. WOOHOO

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parentlesspotter said: Hi friend! I use the omni pod! It's the only pump I use and I love it. I don't have to worry about disconnecting for swimming or showering, and I can wear dresses no problem! The new model is small too, so I hardly even notice it :) Sometimes the adhesive can be a little tricky, but if it's ever loose just a bit of medical tape is awesome :) I saw you were just diagnosed, and I want to say welcome to the team, but that's not exactly a good greeting ;)

Hahaha that’s okay! But thanks! I’m pretty excited about it 😄🎉💙

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